Experiential design and implement ~ MURAYAMA INC.~ | Company History Regarding Theme Parks
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Company History Regarding Theme Parks

~The relationship between Murayama and theme parks~

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks


An amusement park is a facility comprised of amusement machines while a theme park is a facility that has assembled a special atmosphere that is out of the ordinary, in accordance with specific themes. The presence or absence of a thematic nature is the main difference between the two types of parks.

The history of amusement parks began in the 17th century England and France, later leading to Tivoli Gardens in Denmark (1843), and Knott’s Berry Farm in Los Angeles (1950), and in 1955, Disneyland in California opened as a full-fledged theme park.

Modern day amusement parks and theme parks are not only simple entertainment facilities, but are a part of larger, more comprehensive facilities. They often include, in addition to traditional leisure attractions, restaurants, retail stores, accommodations, shopping malls, and hot springs, providing services in the style of integrated, all-inclusive resorts.

For consumers, there is a commonality in the goods and services expected from amusement and theme parks, and in recent years, the difference is small enough that the two types of facilities are often regarded as the same type of entertainment facility.

The History of our Company and the Theme Park Business


Tokyo Disney Land opens as the first theme park in Japan. Our company is involved in environmental layout and decorations of a certain attraction within the park. This achievement is the beginning of our business with theme parks.


Sanrio Puroland opens as the first indoor theme park in Japan. Our company is involved in the environmental design including facades, entrances, and restrooms. 5-year project.


Opening of “FACTORY” and “LAGOON” attractions at Fuji-Q Highland. Our company is involved with interior decoration, props, etc. From this achievement, we have continued a long relationship with this facility.


Sanrio’s next project, Harmony Land opens. Our company is involved with the environmental design of “Harmony Theater” and “Fantastic Boat Ride”.


Opening of AOIA Dyna Box “Haunted House Dimon’s Unexplored Region”. Our company is involved in the internal production. The facility closed after the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995.


Our company formed a business alliance with the US water feature design firm, WET Design and establish WET JAPAN. Our major water landscape projects have included Toyo-cho East 21, Akashi Station square, Nagai Athletics Stadium Commemoration Plaza, Canal City Hakata, YESNAMBA building, and others.


Porto Europe opens in Wakayama Marina City. We are involved in creating “Viking Adventure”, “High Dive” and “Gondwana Restaurant”.


An indoor theme park Shochiku Cinema World opens within the premises of Shochiku Ofuna Studios. Our company is involved in creating the “Future Zone” (3rd Floor), and “Kids Land” (Roof). The theme park closed in 1998.


The “King of Coaster FUJIYAMA” attraction opens at Fuji-Q Highland. The roller coaster reached 3 world records: speed 130km, maximum fall 70m, climb 71.5m. We are involved in the environmental production and shop interior of the coaster.


“Magical Lagoon” opens in Hirakata Park.
We are involved in the production of the waterscape and direction of underwater lighting.


Opening of “Thomas Land” (park within a park) at Fuji-Q Highland. We are involved in the creation of the “Waku Waku Ride” show set, “K’s Café” interior decoration, overall signage, and monuments. The second phase of construction occurred in 2000, and we have been continually involved in the modeling and production of this facility.


The walk-through haunted house, “Fearless Closed Hospital Ward” at Fuji-Q Highland opens. We are involved in the production of the entire attraction which becomes a Guinness record as the world’s longest walk-through haunted house (500 meters).


Universal Studios Japan opens. We are involved in ET adventure, and environmental design and decoration of several attractions and entrance zone.


Tokyo DisneySea opens. We are involved in the environmental modeling and aging of part of the park.


“Sylvania Village” opens in Grinpa (formerly: Japan Land HOW Amusement Park). Our company is involved in the production of the entire project.


“Sylvania Garden” opens at Kashii-kaen theme park. Our company is involved in the production of the entire area.


Futu-Rush is launched. We established our own factory which produces “Futu-Rush”, a proprietary, environmentally-friendly material which turns into FRP material.


Worked on a project to increase the seating capacity at Spa Resort Hawaiians, and used Futu-Rush in creating the seats.


Entered strategic business alliance with US engineering group, FTSI. FTSI has show control technology, automatic control technology, and machine technology, and has worked in the entertainment field including many theaters, theme parks, and movies.


“Racing Theater” opens at Suzuka Circuit. We are involved from planning to completion.


Production assistance to the Spa Resort Hawaiians Hula Girl performances. We are involved in restoring the stage that was damaged by the Great East Japan Great Earthquake of 2011.


World’s first “Lisa and Gaspard Town” opens in the area adjacent to Fuji-Q Highland. We are responsible for the production of the entire project.


“Game Museum” opens at Huis Ten Bosch. We are in charge of the interior decoration.

The Harry Potter area opens at Universal Studios Japan. We are involved with the modeling of the entire area and received much praise for the accurate reproduction of the Harry Potter world.


Japan’s first hands-on English language educational facility, “OSAKA EINGLISH VILLAGE” opens at EXPOCITY.
Our company was responsible for the production of the entire project.

“Shaun Family Farm” opens at EXPOCITY.
Our company is responsible for the production of the entire project.


The world’s first and largest, 13-meter “Giant Robot Dragon” appears at Huis Ten Bosch.
We directed the construction of the robot dragon and production of its parade.


LEGOLAND Japan opens in Nagoya.
We were responsible for the building decorations, including the prominent main entrance gate, and fabrication of many 3-D objects. We also managed the environmental production of the attraction rides.

Japan’s largest VR (virtual reality) facility, “Thrill-entertainment ‘VR ZONE SHINJUKU’” opens.
We were involved in the interior planning, production, and construction, as well as operational planning.


A new, immersive night parade begins at Universal Studios Japan.
We created the new floats which constitute the parade.

Paddington Town opens at Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest.
We managed the performance and staging of the area.