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Tokyo Skytree®Tembo Kabuki

Sumida-ku, Tokyo / October 2016

Tokyo Skytree ® Tembo Kabuki


Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck Floor 350 「SKYTREE ROUND THEATER®」


Sumida-ku, Tokyo


October 2016

Project Scope

Planning, design, video content production (Tohoku Shinsha)

3.商業施設, 4.イルミネーション, 5.AVL
About This Project

“Tokyo Sky Tree® Tembo Kabuki” is an entertainment show in collaboration with Heisei Nakamura-za kabuki company, aimed at “reproducing the original kabuki playhouse”.  Kabuki, TV, and film actor, Kankuro Nakamura will present a lion dance set to famous rock music familiar to guests from overseas. This entertainment spectacular features an elaborate “keburi” (kabuki scene involving swinging of the head) and air guitaring arranged exclusively for this show, and is set to rock music. “SKYTREE ROUND THEATER®” is located 350m above ground on the Tembo Deck Floor 350. The enormous 110m x 2m window space is used as a gigantic screen, and the nighttime observation deck is transformed into an entertainment space featuring dynamic projection mapping and sensational sound presentation.


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