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Sakiyama Kaizuka Jomon Forest Museum Exhibition Facility

Miyako-shi, Iwate Prefecture / July 2016

Sakiyama Kaizuka Jomon Forest Museum Exhibition Facility


Sakiyama Kaizuka Jomon Forest Museum


Miyako-shi, Iwate Prefecture


July 2016

Project Scope

Design and construction of exhibition facilities, development of video, sound, graphics, and informational application


4.展示施設, 5.AVL
About This Project

Located in Sakiyama, Miyako-shi of Iwate Prefecture, the Museum is an exhibition facility that has guidance functions pertaining to kaizuka (shell mound) ruins and dwellings from the Jomon period. Projection mapping is used to introduce specimens on an enormous stratum expanding 14 meters in width. We produced video images in a storytelling-style, which show how the strata was formed over many years, its history, and how volcanic ash layers and artifacts have fused together to offer layers full of history.


Within the park on its property, restored dwellings and artifacts can be seen.  Transmitters have been placed at these locations, and by approaching these points with a mobile device; visitors can view information about these artifacts as well as see interviews with excavators. We were responsible for various aspects of this exhibition experience including the development of the application for mobile devices, as well as conducting interviews with the excavators.


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