Experiential design and implement ~ MURAYAMA INC.~ | MURAYAMA INC. 環境開発局では、商業施設を中心にさまざまな空間づくり(環境演出)のお手伝いをいたします。
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“100% Satisfaction” and “200% Inspiration”
in spaces where people gather.
We call creating new value in
a given space “Environmental Production”.

In our company’s long history which surpasses 100 years, we have undertaken a wide-range of projects including setup of venues for state ceremonies and international conferences within Japan, event operations, exhibitions and their management, spatial production at international exhibitions held domestically and internationally, and construction of major pavilions at international expositions. We have also designed presentations in shared spaces in commercial facilities such as large shopping centers, as well as individual stores and hotel rooms. In addition, we have a proven track record in spatial design at major theme parks in Japan, developing a world view through creative spatial planning, and development of attractions. We also have a history of working with many overseas businesses and creators in developing spatial design.

In addition to production techniques such as modeling, landscaping, lighting, sound, video, and special effects, we effectively combine new technologies such as VR, projection mapping, and androids to create a more attractive and inspiring space in a wide-variety of business fields.

We consider every detail of an “environment” within a “space” where people gather, and “produce” an “inspiring” performance based on our abundant knowledge, experience, and ideas.

We generate new emotional experiences
by combining various productions
with advanced technologies.
at various facilities and events.

Introducing various production techniques of Murayama.

Advanced technology
to amplify emotions

We’ll produce staging environments by using advanced technologies.