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Japan’s first hands-on English language education facility located at the large-scale complex, EXPOCITY, within Osaka Expo Commemoration Park.

November 2015

Japan’s first hands-on English language education facility

“OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE” is a large entertainment facility located within EXPOCITY in Osaka’s Suita City’s Expo Commemoration Park. Our company had a long track record with planning and construction of amusement and theme park projects, and from our proven track record, we received the opportunity from YBM JAPAN to manage the interior production of “OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE”.

Design concept – “Collage of America”

At “OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE”, there are 23 different kinds of “situation rooms” where visitors can learn English through American daily life, history and culture. The most difficult aspect of this project was to design a facility that provided entertainment and English education at the same time. We were involved from the planning stages of the project and focused on matching the contents of the educational curriculum to situations such as American stores and banks. We selected iconic scenes which could be easily understood by children, and at the same time, provide enjoyment. These scenes include New York’s Broadway, Las Vegas, and the White House.


A full-size model head of one of America’s symbols, the Statue of Liberty, welcomes visitors entering the facility.  It is manufactured using Murayama technology, the environmentally friendly Futu-Rush material.  In a space that provided little depth, we presented the three-dimensional effect by shading the model.


An American-style design was also used to design the police station and post office. The entrance and signage for each situation room are original designs keeping an American-style in mind.  We were also involved in designing the logomark for the facility.


Designing the logomark for the facility.  Installation on the exterior wall after adjustment with the building.

An original Times Square that exists only here

Past the Prologue Zone, Times Square exists.  The billboards feature advertisements, which are taught as part of the curriculum, and playfulness is not forgotten with billboard displays featuring words in the Osaka dialect. An “original Times Square” was assembled with the real Times Square in mind, and the cars, lively passerby, and bustling sounds are produced to resemble American daily life.


An “original Times Square”.

Times Square3
Times Square2_2

A large mural painting (height of 5 meters) on the wall in the open space.


CNN Café opens in Japan for the first time

“CNN Café” in “OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE” is the first shop in Japan featuring the theme of the news broadcasting station CNN.  After discussion with YBM JAPAN and CNN, the Café was developed with a warm and stylish, uniquely Japanese design.


From planning to “taking shape” in less than 1 year

The project began less than 1 year prior to its planned opening. With the planning, design, construction and completion, it was a continuous battle against time. Since it was a new type of facility even for YBM JAPAN (operator of “OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE”), we proceeded to design the facility while making suggestions and adjustments on the management side as well. After submitting a draft of our plans in December 2014, we received the go-ahead on the project the following month. Design details were further added and construction began in mid-May. Thereafter, it was a year of creating detailed designs, layouts, factory production and construction to meet the fire test deadline which was to be held at the end of September, followed by the grand opening in November. This was a joint effort project with sales, design, and production staff working together in Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, and the United States.