Experiential design and implement ~ MURAYAMA INC.~ | 50th Anniversary Celebration, Sachiko Kobayashi IN Budokan ~Yume no Sekai (Dream World) ~
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50th Anniversary Celebration, Sachiko Kobayashi IN Budokan ~Yume no Sekai (Dream World) ~

Sachiko Kobayashi’s 50th anniversary was celebrated with a commemorative concert held at Nippon Budokan.

November  2014

~ From dream to reality ~

Murayama took part in planning Ms. Sachiko Kobayashi’s “50th Anniversary Celebration, Sachiko Kobayashi IN Budokan ~Yume no Sekai (Dream World) ~ (venue: Nippon Budokan) in 2014. The concert at Nippon Budokan was the dream of Ms. Kobayashi, herself, and was a perfect stage for commemorating the 50th anniversary of her debut.

~ Using three unprecedented, oversized costumes ~

Ms. Sachiko Kobayashi is known for wearing large, elaborate costumes on historical shows such as NHK’S year end Kohaku Utagassen music program. This was the first time that three of these elaborate, stage set-sized, large costumes were used during one concert. For fans, it was a luxury to see such a performance involving these famous oversized costumes. But for us, it was a challenge to figure out how to manage the entire process of costume assembly and accommodation in a limited stage space, as well as performing technical checks in time. Seamless production would become the key to success.


~ One day’s dream stage, and on the other side ~

From setup, rehearsal, production and cleanup, we were only limited to 30 short hours. In particular, the extremely tight schedule affected the setup, which was scheduled to take 20 hours, but had to be completed in 16 hours to meet the deadline of the start of the show. In addition, there were 20 related sections that simultaneously needed to attention including sound, lighting, visual images, special effects, among others. With Murayama at the center, we managed all procedural aspects, adjustment of workspace, and repeated verification.


~ Memorable work ~

The stage is assembled in an empty space.  There, the lighting accentuates the stage, the performer appears, and the curtain opens.  After the show brings smiles to the faces of the audience, the stage is removed and once again returns to an empty space. A single day in a life may just be a fleeting moment. How can we make this moment shine, and make it a memorable moment for many people?  By devoting much time of our lives for that one moment.